The view from my deck this morning


It’s quiet around my place as my neighborhood recovers for a hangover called celebrating the 4th of July.  The gummys are downstairs dead to the world.  It was a long night of  watching fireworks and then doing some sparklers afterwards.  It makes for a real long day when you’re 6 years old.  My neighborhood?  It looks like the day after the Chinese New Year celebration with spent fireworks everywhere.  Someone made a boatload of money selling that stuff to them.  The economy must be doing pretty good.

16 responses to “The view from my deck this morning

  1. Jim, you have a gorgeous place! How wonderful – 4th of July must have been fantastic. I feel like I have a “hang over” from the events, as well. I told my 11 and 13 year old, that I’m pretty much done coordinating pool parties, and BBQ, and figuring out little party snapper/popper/silly string favors and trying to locate a spot to see fireworks. It’s too much effort and I’m exhausted now. Because unlike others, I had everyone clean up their waste from all the poppers, conffetti and silly string.

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  2. We have had heavy Fire Works since mid-May.The smoke and smell of sulfur hangs in the air. If last year is any indication this will continue until “back-to-school” kills the party mood in mid August. This is “Trump Country” so I’m just glad they aren’t goose-stepping with nuclear missiles up and down the street…. yikes

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