Friday Night


The rain came down hard this afternoon.  You could see it coming.  The western sky was dark blue and getting darker as it got closer and closer.  It was a good enough excuse to pick everything up and pack it in for a day.  I had already uncovered a fairly good sized ant hill and had been bit a number of times by the red ants.  I’ll have a number of bags of old mulch to drop off at the compost yard since I have someone that will do the driving.

My oldest was concerned that I was overdoing it was ready to tattle on me to my doctor.  I told her all was fine and I was quitting for the day anyway.  I ended up taking a really long hot shower  followed by an hour and a half nap.  there were also a few text messages from my sister scolding me.  Sore?  Yes.  Having a relapse?  Nah.  But I will say I was starting to push the edge so I’ll have to be a bit more mindful when I go back out to work on this some more.  It’s not a race.

So I’m sitting here in the solitude of a Friday evening listening to some tunes and watching a new front slowly move in.  There’s a nice light show that’s with this new front and it’s lights up the horizon occasionally.  I’m going to sleep well tonight I think.

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