5 for Friday


It’s that time of week again where I pit myself against my brain for the never ending battle for control.

1. I have too many outdoor projects going on.  I really need to focus on one, get it done and then move on to another.  But oh no!  I have to have three going on all at the same time.

2. I keep hearing the Blue Jay singing in the trees across the street.  He’s obviously found a food source over there.  I hate competition.

3. It’s pay day and I get to see how much I have left over after paying the bills.  Maybe I’ll have enough where I can rub two nickels together.  I may be even able to afford Mickey Dees.

4. I hope I hear today about my building permit from the city.  I’m hoping it will be approved so I don’t have to wait thru the 4th of July holiday.

5. I have a young squirrel that’s been eyeballing my one bird feeder.  I have to admit it’s a brave little thing.  It’s one determined squirrel.

Okey dokey pokey.  That’s it for this week.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a hearty “How do!” when you’re passing thru.

48 responses to “5 for Friday

  1. Hey Jim! Hope that you had those two nickels. I saw a black squirrel last week so cute. And I think I have a nest near my home because the birds were chirping all night long. I have to hunt it down. Have a lovely weekend!

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    • I haven’t seen a black squirrel in a long time. I had a couple albino ones here a couple years ago but they disappeared. I assume an owl got them or maybe a hawk. have fun with your hunt.

      have a fun weekend! 🙂

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