Looking out my window this Hump Day morning


It’s one of those mornings where the rain mixed with the inside temp of my place made being inside miserable.  So it was time to close the windows and crank up the AC to pull the hot, humid air out of the place.  Ugh!  I hate humidity.  Heat I can stand.  It’s time to turn the fans on and get the air moving around.


28 thoughts on “Looking out my window this Hump Day morning

  1. portapatetcormagis

    Hi Jim!
    Did you send your weather over to my place? Here it is hot and it is humid. Some rain at night and in the mornings

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      1. portapatetcormagis

        Oh, you mean that strange thing that’s called spare time?
        That’s filled with preparing for Comic Con and organising two LARPS right now. And decluttering the house. Do you need stuff? Whatever it is, chances are we have it …

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  2. Don’t you also need to put out the anti-aircraft guns for the B-52 sized mosquitoes I hear y’all get up there? Or, have they shrunk over the years from old stories, making bamboo torches sufficient for the task?…

    Just wondering….



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