I have to figure out how to attract this Blue Jay


It keeps teasing me with its presence.  It flits in and then it flies off.  It’s extremely shy.  I’ve done a little research and I’m gonna have to set out another type feeder (like the one pictured) to see if I can entice it to come visit more often.  Too bad it will also draw those stupid black birds as well.


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33 thoughts on “I have to figure out how to attract this Blue Jay”

  1. Don’t know for sure, but, I once had a place with a nice backyard garden, & they seemed to enjoy the figs, and the raspberries the most. Like the crows, they also like to steal small shiny things… Well, the west coast jays did; they look slightly different from your picture… They were also aggressive, & would dive bomb kids who got too close to wherever they were nested…

    This was in Northern California, in wine country, & the birds loved our back yard; the first owner was an imaginative & creative gardener…

    Good luck; if they can find what they like, they’ll stick a while…


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  2. They don’t stick around long no matter what feeder you have. Believe me, I tried a few different ones. I have about 4 blue jays that come around at the same time, they do better if you have the feeder hanging from a tree though. They like a bird bath too. And they like that pricier bird food with the nuts and fruit in it. Or you could just add some raisins :-). Oh they like suet also

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      1. I don’t think northern birds like me. That was how those Idaho birds acted too. Northern and western birds have no manners. These southern birds on the other hand listen to me and pose for me and stick around long enough to get their pictures. Speaking of, you need to visit my blog LOLOLOLOL. I hate how I always tell you to visit my blog 😉

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