A thought for Monday



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      1. ‘t’ain’t easy, for sure; my question for that first persons would be, “why?” They don’t even taste very good… & one definitely shouldn’t look at them before eating…. Whoever it was had to be ‘desperate’ for food, that’s for sure…


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      2. Aye, that helps… I also like them BBQ’d, with garlic & butter, to go with tequila shots… A better choice, IMHO, is clams & mussels, steamed in court-bouillon with lots of garlic & green onions, maybe a few chili flakes… The sauce it makes in the pan is to die for with a french baguette…. and, some nice pinot grigio to go with….

        Yum. Now, I’m hungry…. better go fix some breakfast before I go spend money….

        Enjoy your jelly….


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