Pure Bliss


Fresh homemade bread with butter and some fresh homemade triple berry jelly.  Man, I’m in heaven.  I think I’ll adopt Leslie’s suggestion on cutting back on the sugar tho.  It still tastes mighty fine.   🙂

I wonder if these are skills that I can put on a resume?


26 thoughts on “Pure Bliss

  1. White bread? Plenty of butter? You mean full fat butter? Not those low fat crap? Jam now you’re talking . I’m salivating even though it’s 1005pm at night . That’s it I’m making me some toast and butter and store bought jam 😍

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      1. they came for supper tonight, ate the rest of the one loaf of bread, grabbed two big jars of triple berry jelly, took the other loaf of bread and headed home. I get to start all over again with the bread. LOL

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