So this chore is done


I like listening to the sound of the “plink” whenever the lids suck down and seal just like they’re supposed to.  I’ll be adding 14 jars of strawberry jelly and 4 jars of triple berry jelly to the cupboard even though I know they won’t last very long.  A few of the smaller jars will go out as presents and I know the gummys and their Mom will be taking some of the larger jars home with them.

Hopefully my strawberry bed will keep producing like it has so far so I can put up some more jelly later on this summer.  I need to keep an eye out whenever I’m at the farmer’s market for some different types of berries so I can try out some different types.  Anything that I can add has got to be a plus up as far as I’m concerned.

Looking out my door this Saturday Morning


The weather broke cool this weekend for central Minnesota.  It feels like late September in some ways.  It’s going to be a pleasant 64F (18C) which makes it a great weekend to make some jelly.  I have someone making a market run for me today so we’ll be making a batch of strawberry jelly and a batch of triple berry jelly as well.  We’ll see just how long these two batches last for me.

Now I just have to finish off this last cup of coffee and then motivate myself to get the grass mowed.  I wonder if Buffalo Tom would let me borrow the Bat Boys to do my yard???