A thought for Thank God It’s Friday



34 thoughts on “A thought for Thank God It’s Friday

      1. but think of the fun you’ll have.

        “Beep! Beep! Get out of my way!!! Except for you. Hold still. Damn! I only winged him. I gotta back up and run him over again!”

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    1. no worries. I’d let you drive the bus too just as long as I got to hang on tight. I have a feeling you would get a bang outa running over some people. πŸ™‚

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      1. and just think, I’d be behind you encouraging you.

        “Just tap him with the bumper a time or two to encourage him to run faster sweetie. then … SMOOSH! … run him over and give him the ol’ schnitzola!!!”

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      2. hell ya I’d co-drive with you. I’d take pictures. I’d say …

        “WOW! Great job of running that a**hole down! You should see the expression on his face when you smooshed him!”

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