I’ve been wondering lately …

Maybe we made a mistake with the American Revolution.  I mean, look at what we have now for a POTUS versus a long and rich tradition of a monarch.  I mean we have a guy now who I think wants to be a monarch but he’s no blue blood so why not get the real thing?  So I’ve been kinda wondering if it’s too late to tell the Queen that maybe we had a better deal under the crown.

I’m not suggesting that we trade the POTUS for the Queen given all ya’ll are set in your ways with her.  And I wouldn’t suggest that we could trade the POTUS for the Prince of Wales or for the Duke of Cambridge.  That’s kinda sorta like your future and all that.

But you do have Harry and a lot of us really like him and he’d be looking for a role once his brother ascends the throne.  So maybe we’ve got a good deal for him.  Let’s say we trade ya one POTUS for Harry and to really sweeten the pot we’ll even throw in a Speaker of the House and a Senate Majority Leader.

I wonder if the Queen would go for something like that???

Looking out my window this morning


Yeh, it’s gonna be a wet one today.  Humid too.  I had to turn the AC on early to pull the humidity out of my place.  Ick!  I can stand the heat but I really don’t care for humidity.  Well, the rain is good for the garden.

Speaking of which, it’s back to making some organic bug spray to get whatever is eating up my bean and sweet potato plant leaves.