Random Thoughts for Monday Morning


I need 4 or 5 hours of my life so I can reimage my MacBook and restore it back to factory settings.  Yeh, I think the time has come for that since I think it’s on its last legs  which isn’t bad considering I’ve had it for over 6 years.  I think I can stretch it out another year by doing this and then it’s time for a new one and sending this one to the recycle gods.  A new iPad and a new MacBook.  It’s gonna be a pricey winter this year.

We’re picking peas now to go along with the strawberries that I’m harvesting.  I’m still holding my breath but my sweet potatoes are looking like they’re recovering.  Everything is looking green and healthy and growing nicely.  Things are looking up in my garden.

I really want to get back into my walking regimen but strenuous activity is still taking a toll on me.  It makes me wonder if I’ll ever recover.

I have a regular visitor to my yard every morning.  Bunny has a regular routine which now includes cleaning up the pea pods after I pod the peas.  It’s kinda nice seeing all of this wildlife around my place.  Except for the squirrels.  Yeh, I still scare them every chance I get.

OK, back to actually trying to get some work done today.