Looking off my front porch this morning


It’s a gorgeous day in central Minnesota this morning.  The sun is coming up, the sky is blue, the birds are singing and the temps are just right.  We’ll see how long this lasts until I have to shut everything up due to the humidity.  Until then, the windows are open to let in all the fresh air that I can bring in.

47 thoughts on “Looking off my front porch this morning

  1. Got my ceiling fan turned on, my windows wide open, my natural jammies on so the breeze can kiss my skin………………life is good. Ok, somewhat good.

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  2. I’ve been sleeping with the windows open since I have been here . Guess that will change when I go back to the land of eternal summer.

    Beautiful view outside your door Jim ♥

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    • I know! it’s one benefit for living this far north. I wouldn’t do this during this time of year if I was living down home. it would be too hot and too humid.

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      • there were times when it was colder here versus when I lived in western South Dakota. we would get what was called “Banana Belt weather” there during the winter months.

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      • It’s weird right? I am colder here in Texas at times than I ever was in Alaska. It’s a cold to the bones kinda cold here. Alaska is actually really dry. Lot’s of snow, but not as cold in Anchorage as people would think.

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      • it’s kind of the same here when you compare western South Dakota to here. it was drier and the humidity was a lot lower out there as compared to here. that lack of humidity makes the cold and the heat a bit more bearable but you have to be careful because they can sneak up on you.


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