We had a major crisis this morning

My coffee maker died and there was no coffee when I got up this morning.  NONE!!!  There was no fragrance and no aroma of freshly brewed floating in the air.  Thank God for the 24 hour WalMart up the road.  I can hear my oldest now …


One has to make sacrifices during times of crisis.


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32 thoughts on “We had a major crisis this morning”

  1. They should have a coffee 911 alarm!

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  2. Good lord … you humbug!!

    However …. I get it!!

    Heres what to do in future:
    1. Never run out of coffee
    2. Never ever run out of coffee
    3. Always keep 2, nay 3, spare bags of beans
    4. Get yourself a percolator, hand grinder, gas burner and 10 litres of bottled water.

    You need to be prepared for everything … including the zombie apocalypse and sickness.

    No man or woman should live without decent coffee! Ever!

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  3. Oddly enough the coffee maker here at my daughter’s house sounded like it was on it’s last leg. It wasn’t putting the water through, just making grunting noises LOL. I turned it off and restarted it and it managed to put about half of the water through and then quit 😦 We just so happen to be going to WalMart later, but for now there is just enough coffee for ME. Too bad she sleeps two hours longer 😀

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      1. Have you been to this area? We would have to drive 50 miles to find a Starbucks. There is a gas station on base that might have some nasty coffee LOL

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      2. you measure distance in time out there as in ..

        “it’s a 45 minute drive to Starbucks if you drive the speed limit. 20 minutes if you don’t.”

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