Random Thoughts for Monday Night

I’m sitting here watching the Twins get shellacked by Seattle.  I think it will be a tad difficult to come back when you’re down 9 -2 but what do I know?

It’s a beautiful night other than the humidity.  I hate the humidity.  It usually means there are bugs around.  Bugs!  Ewwww!  The AC is on to pull the humidity out of my place.  I miss that low humidity that you experience living out west.

I noticed that El Presidente had his cabinet praise him and his accomplishments.  First I raised an eyebrow when I read it.  Then I did a severe eye roll when they actually did praise him.  I was like “WTF???”

Ugh!  I need to get out of this house somehow.  Even going to the market would be a welcomed relief.



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16 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for Monday Night”

      1. I hear yah!!

        When you are … can you get Me a packet of coffee beans please? After my ‘don’t run out of coffee’ peach yesterday … guess what? … we ran out arrghhh!!

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      2. Hahaha … me too … our market is in the next town though and at present I am car-less and can’t drive lol. But yes wheres theres a will theres a way … I have ordered some, to be delivered ‘post haste’!! 😉

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  1. It’s a good thing I read this completely. I was wondering why the gummies were getting shellacked LOL. Good Morning sweetness ♥♥

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