Looking out my window this morning


Yeh, it’s blowing a hoolie out there.  Big winds, thunder and lightning, trees losing branches, stuff blowing everywhere and rain that’s almost horizontal.  There was a bit of hail but the worst of all of this is well north and east of me.  Now it’s headed for Cheese Land.

My yard and garden got a good watering out of this.  That’s a definite plus up.


33 thoughts on “Looking out my window this morning

      1. We get it alright, mainly around the mountains and down south. It’s pretty rare to get it where we are though … mind due a few years ago (just as my heat pump decided to die) we had a huge snowfall … it was the first in about 50 odd years!
        When we were based at the army camp in Waiouru (mid central north island) it used to snow all the time.

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  1. Lucky you! It has been windy here over the past two days (horrendous strong winds) and teasing such as I with promises of rain and my favorite type of weather (summer rain is awesome) but never delivering. So I love to see the pictures of luckier folk like yourself! Thanks for sharing!

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