Friday Night


I picked up two glass sun tea jars today.  OK, someone actually brought them to me saving me a trip to the local WalMart and not having to drive.  I’d never tell Momma how I’m brewing my sun tea nowadays.  She and my Aunt Geri would do the “Now why did you spend good money on those?” thingee on me.  Hey!  I can’t find the big ol’ glass jar, so this will hafta suffice.



26 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. Looks good, have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your sun tea.

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      1. Oh good! Well, 2000, probably only 500 are active and real, some initial ones have gone different ways. Some followers are solicitors for business, so I have to subtract a whole bunch from 2000. Thank you for being part of my “real” supporters!

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