5 Reasons I Hate Spam Emails

1. I don’t get these invites to me inviting me to join an adult dating site.  What if I don’t want to act like an adult?  What if I want to act like a kid?  Wouldn’t it be better to send me an invite to an “adult acting like a kid” dating site?

2. Why do all of these people need help getting their money out of some country?  Haven’t they ever heard of Swiss banks?

3. Are some of these drugs really cheaper if I order them out of Canada?

4. I don’t get these emails from some young 20 something saying they saw my profile on Facebook and they want to get to know me better.  I don’t have a Facebook account.  You obviously must have me confused with Jason or Gary.

5. I don’t get these emails that tell me that some unusual activity was noticed on my credit card issued by “X” bank.  Oh really?  I aint got that card and it’s interest rates are too high as well (which is why I don’t have their card).  Again they must have me confused with Jason or Gary.



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  1. At least you’re spared (possibly) from the “Heddo (East Indian accent implied) I’m from Microsoft Data Services and we note you have a problem with your Windows…” I got one of them today and that guy is now sporting a massive ear burn from the language I subjected him to. I wish THEY’D lose my number!

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