5 for Friday

It’s that time of week once again where I pit me against my brain to see who wins.

1.Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is getting kinda bare.  I really hate this not driving when I can’t just hop into Petey and go get things as I need them.  I hate this relying on someone else when I’m so used to doing for myself.

2. The bunnies are back once again this morning.  They’re pretty entertaining  to watch.

3. My step Dad is spending a week with me so everyone can come visit.  He’s a really good amateur gardener and maybe he has some advice on how I can improve my garden.

4. I have Monday – Wednesday of next week off and I won’t be in a hospital.  Woo hoo!  I call that progress!

5.  I had moved and hid one of my bird feeders because the Black birds were taking over.  They didn’t find where I hid it but my ever faithful Chickadees did.  And they made a nice mess for me to clean up.  There’s always something to do around here.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or leave a hearty “Howdy!!!” when you pass thru.


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41 thoughts on “5 for Friday”

  1. What are the bunnies doing? Is that a fire pit?

    So … have you ever had cooked rabbit ? Just wondering .. . my train of thought digressed quickly there lol.

    And yah know, the thing about getting other people to do your things for you … you get to practice your ‘directional leadership’ skills … well thats what I like to call it anyway 🙂 Then I don’t feel like such a retard … hope that helps 😉

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      1. Nice fire pit!

        Fried rabbit, I’ve never had … My mother stewed rabbit one night and told us it was chicken … I never forgave her for that lol

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      2. Aren’t they! I still remind her whenever we go for dinner … she just laughs! It was when ‘Watership Down’ had just come out … I felt like a cannibal lol!

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  2. Howdy! Get your stepdad to run you to the market and make up a list beforehand. Less having to go there and feeling like you’re dependant on someone else… I hate that feeling too. I hope you and Petey get reunited real quick..


  3. Glad you scheduled to return to work although I’m sure you have misgivings. I hope you will be driving soon too. It sounds like you are making some recovery which is good because I was beginning to think guillain-barre syndrome. Take care my Jim and watch over your wee Chickadees. ~~dru~~

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  4. *wanders in with a hot cuppa….looks around…*sips*…..picks a flower….tucks it behind my ear…*sips* …. looks around some more….*sips*……pets a bunny or two…..*sips* … waves HOWDY!! to Jim…….*sips as she wanders out……*

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      1. I’m loving it. Weather is beautiful and I got to see my little brother whom I have not seen in 20 years . He and his wife came in from Sacramento . It’s been fun 🙂

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  5. Hi, just passing through, bunnies are cute but they eat your vegies, and I love chickadees, have some outside my window. I am like you I don’t like relying on someone else, better to do it yourself. Glad all is well, Loosing weight it would seem, looking good. I am also. Not easy thought. Louise

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    1. well hey there stranger! how ya been! my raised garden beds are fenced off so the bunnies can’t get to them. I learned that the hard way. you’re slimming down. Oo la la!

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