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  1. What are the bunnies doing? Is that a fire pit?

    So … have you ever had cooked rabbit ? Just wondering .. . my train of thought digressed quickly there lol.

    And yah know, the thing about getting other people to do your things for you … you get to practice your ‘directional leadership’ skills … well thats what I like to call it anyway 🙂 Then I don’t feel like such a retard … hope that helps 😉

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  2. Howdy! Get your stepdad to run you to the market and make up a list beforehand. Less having to go there and feeling like you’re dependant on someone else… I hate that feeling too. I hope you and Petey get reunited real quick..


  3. Glad you scheduled to return to work although I’m sure you have misgivings. I hope you will be driving soon too. It sounds like you are making some recovery which is good because I was beginning to think guillain-barre syndrome. Take care my Jim and watch over your wee Chickadees. ~~dru~~

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  4. *wanders in with a hot cuppa….looks around…*sips*…..picks a flower….tucks it behind my ear…*sips* …. looks around some more….*sips*……pets a bunny or two…..*sips* … waves HOWDY!! to Jim…….*sips as she wanders out……*

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  5. Hi, just passing through, bunnies are cute but they eat your vegies, and I love chickadees, have some outside my window. I am like you I don’t like relying on someone else, better to do it yourself. Glad all is well, Loosing weight it would seem, looking good. I am also. Not easy thought. Louise

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    • well hey there stranger! how ya been! my raised garden beds are fenced off so the bunnies can’t get to them. I learned that the hard way. you’re slimming down. Oo la la!

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