Friday Night


I picked up two glass sun tea jars today.  OK, someone actually brought them to me saving me a trip to the local WalMart and not having to drive.  I’d never tell Momma how I’m brewing my sun tea nowadays.  She and my Aunt Geri would do the “Now why did you spend good money on those?” thingee on me.  Hey!  I can’t find the big ol’ glass jar, so this will hafta suffice.


5 Reasons I Hate Spam Emails

1. I don’t get these invites to me inviting me to join an adult dating site.  What if I don’t want to act like an adult?  What if I want to act like a kid?  Wouldn’t it be better to send me an invite to an “adult acting like a kid” dating site?

2. Why do all of these people need help getting their money out of some country?  Haven’t they ever heard of Swiss banks?

3. Are some of these drugs really cheaper if I order them out of Canada?

4. I don’t get these emails from some young 20 something saying they saw my profile on Facebook and they want to get to know me better.  I don’t have a Facebook account.  You obviously must have me confused with Jason or Gary.

5. I don’t get these emails that tell me that some unusual activity was noticed on my credit card issued by “X” bank.  Oh really?  I aint got that card and it’s interest rates are too high as well (which is why I don’t have their card).  Again they must have me confused with Jason or Gary.


5 for Friday

It’s that time of week once again where I pit me against my brain to see who wins.

1.Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is getting kinda bare.  I really hate this not driving when I can’t just hop into Petey and go get things as I need them.  I hate this relying on someone else when I’m so used to doing for myself.

2. The bunnies are back once again this morning.  They’re pretty entertaining  to watch.

3. My step Dad is spending a week with me so everyone can come visit.  He’s a really good amateur gardener and maybe he has some advice on how I can improve my garden.

4. I have Monday – Wednesday of next week off and I won’t be in a hospital.  Woo hoo!  I call that progress!

5.  I had moved and hid one of my bird feeders because the Black birds were taking over.  They didn’t find where I hid it but my ever faithful Chickadees did.  And they made a nice mess for me to clean up.  There’s always something to do around here.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or leave a hearty “Howdy!!!” when you pass thru.