Looking out my front door this morning


Yanno, this is a mucher betterer view than looking out a dirty office window and on to some construction site.  I know this won’t last but it is a mucher betterer view.  My opinion at least.

Yes, the bunnies have been outside chasing one another this morning.  I have bunny porn going on out there.  It’s a jungle.


22 thoughts on “Looking out my front door this morning

      1. yeh but it could pose a problem because I do want to visit Kiwi Land one day and I wanna have someone teach me how to do a simple haka. I think it would be one helluva an experience and a lot of fun too.

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      2. Ohhh kiwiland ay … You can stay with Us 🙂
        And yes, you may need your legs for that, but its not necessary … google Haka … its all in the passion of it … It was one of many war type ‘dances’ – its supposed to envoke a certain type of feeling … fear, love, compassion etc. you don’t need legs for that 😉

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