Looking out my window right now


It’s a beautiful day out there for central Minnesota.  The birds are singing, the nearest cloud must be in Cheese Land and my peonies are starting to bloom.  I see the peonies and I remember how Momma said she used to call them “pineys” when she was a little girl.  It’s kind of funny because one of my gummys calls them that too.


18 thoughts on “Looking out my window right now

      1. ugh! I feel ya on this one. I’m waiting to see how far last weekend’s adventure is going to set me back. Ugh! you’re right. change the subject.


      1. I’m jealous. :o)

        I have desert landscaping and my HOA fees pay for gardeners to come and tend to the shrubs and trees. I haven’t even inspected my yard since the first year I had my house (2013), lol. Bad me. But you? Omg….yep, a little jealous of ya! But also in deep admirations.

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      2. take pics. I’d love to see. peonies are easy. dig a hole, put the bulbs in, cover with dirt and water. I learned to tie them up and use support cages when they started to grow. it’s hard to kill these damn things. but you’re awfully sweet and kind with your comments. 🙂

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