Random Thoughts for Sunday

I’m pretty content so far with my strawberry bed this season.  It looks like I’ll have a bumper crop of berries if all goes well (knock on wood).  That may mean I get to make some strawberry jam come early July.  Woo hoo!

My sweet potatoes aren’t doing so good and I’m worried they’re not gonna make it.  I did a little research as to why they could be not growing and am trying a couple things.  I’d hate to have to order new plants and not at least try to coax what I have along.

My brain is arguing with my legs today.  I keep reminding myself to try to walk normally but it doesn’t always work and especially when I start getting tired.  Yes, I hear you in my head telling me to slow down and relax.  I’m trying hard not to be angry at everything but I think I slip up from time to time.  I have people here treating me like I’m an invalid and it frustrates me even tho I know they have the best intentions.  I keep telling them to quit hovering and let me try and try again and try again.  I know my Irish stubbornness may piss some people off  but I don’t want to give in and just give up.

How’s that for a Sunday?  I have family coming to help with yard work today.  We have a crew to feed today.  Having family around is good.   🙂





23 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for Sunday

  1. Nice strawberries you have on the way up. The other thing about relaxing orders – it’s your head and you decide what’s best for you. But it’s good to hear that you have people helping you too. “Pling”

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    1. my niece’s husband was like a kid with a new toy riding around on my lawn tractor. it was funny watching him. same for my nephew with my electric trimmer. yep, Uncle Jim has nice toys. 🙂 “pling.

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  2. Family is good … Irish stubbornness is good 😉

    Those strawberries are going to be beauties! I only ever got a few off’ve my plants … I’m working on it though 😉

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    1. I just hafta keep the gummys from eating them as the pick them. last year is was like …

      “OK, I picked 14 nice ones. How many do you have?”


      “None? How did you end up with none?”

      “We ate them.”

      it’s hard to argue with 5 year olds.

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  3. When I was working on Coronary Care a guy came in with an MI (myocardial infarction) heart attack. He would do push ups when no one was looking. He did recover but he was taking a big chance. Good idea to accept the help when needed and to rebuild your strength later when you’ve healed.

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    1. my niece and her husband came to help. he had a good time riding my Cub Cadet all over the place. my nephew showed up too and had a good time with my trimming toys. it was hard to sit back and watch instead of doing.

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  4. A Perfectmindstorm

    I am proud of you for having that attitude not to give in and give up. Keep fighting this whatever it is that is causing the problems. I bet you will overcome it ♥♥♥ Strawberries have come and gone down here in the land of eternal summer !

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