A question for you

So there I was all by my onesy being perfectly well behaved and well mannered when I suddenly thought “Yanno, I’m kinda hungry but I don’t know what I’m hungry for.  That and I don’t wanna spend a whole lotta time fixin’ something.”  Despite what you may think, I don’t have any Ritz Crackers so that option is out.

Question:  What would you fix for yourself in a case like this?

Random Thoughts for Sunday

I’m pretty content so far with my strawberry bed this season.  It looks like I’ll have a bumper crop of berries if all goes well (knock on wood).  That may mean I get to make some strawberry jam come early July.  Woo hoo!

My sweet potatoes aren’t doing so good and I’m worried they’re not gonna make it.  I did a little research as to why they could be not growing and am trying a couple things.  I’d hate to have to order new plants and not at least try to coax what I have along.

My brain is arguing with my legs today.  I keep reminding myself to try to walk normally but it doesn’t always work and especially when I start getting tired.  Yes, I hear you in my head telling me to slow down and relax.  I’m trying hard not to be angry at everything but I think I slip up from time to time.  I have people here treating me like I’m an invalid and it frustrates me even tho I know they have the best intentions.  I keep telling them to quit hovering and let me try and try again and try again.  I know my Irish stubbornness may piss some people off  but I don’t want to give in and just give up.

How’s that for a Sunday?  I have family coming to help with yard work today.  We have a crew to feed today.  Having family around is good.   🙂




Art Sunday #125: Eilif Peterssen – Lake Fishing


Hjalmar Eilif Emanuel Peterssen was born in Christiania, now Oslo, Norway. He grew up in the neighborhood of Hegdehaugen in the district of Frogner.  In his later years Peterssen travelled all over Norway to paint landscapes. He made several visits to Skogstad in Valdres, where he was particularly inspired by the great mountain landscape. In 1920–21 he made his last travel abroad to Cagnes and St. Paul in Provence where he painted several landscapes of the small villages on the hills between Nice and Cannes. He died in Lysaker on December 29, 1928.

Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eilif_Peterssen