Woo hoo!

I succeeded in vacuuming the top floor without sucking up a cat.  I call that a moderate success.  Ha!  Take that brain!


25 thoughts on “Woo hoo!

      1. The walls will live 😉
        I used to crawl mine pretty much, just to get from one end to the other lol … felt like i was drunk … but without the ‘good drunk’ feeling!

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      2. Ewww … yep, I don’t do boats anymore .. or planes lol for that very reason! Oneday, maybe … but I doubt it lol.
        Keep yah feet planted firmly 🙂

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  1. Well done! My brain is alright but I have vaccuming top floor left to doo. Maybe I should mess up my brain so I can get that vaccuming done! Hehe “pling”

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  2. I’ve never read what happened to you? In the first place before the brain fog, ER visits and falling down and stuff…it would be quite a story I think..and maybe I missed it somewhere?

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    1. we’re trying to sort it all out. I was initially taken to the hospital for possible cardiac arrest and then my brain came crashing down and they thought I had a possible micro stroke. the bottom-line is all cardiac tests show I’m fine there. all brain tests so far are showing it’s OK but they have more tests to run and they wanna suck even more blood outa me.

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