Saturday Morning


The weather finally arrived to where I can sit out on my deck, listen to the birds sing, the traffic go by and enjoy my morning coffee.  The grackles hate me right now.  They want to come in and land on the flat feeder so they can feast on the peanuts.  They can’t with me sitting here hissing at them.  My cardinals and a Blue Jay are shy too with me sitting here.  It doesn’t matter.  My ever faithful Chickadees still flit in since they don’t seem to think that I’m a threat.

There’s a nice soft breeze out of the south this morning.  I’m back to writing lists once again since my mind is still moosh and there are still times that I don’t think too clearly.  I can tell my mind is still moosh based upon the number of spelling errors that I’ve had writing this simple post.  My MacBook has pointed out several times where I dropped a letter or added one too many capital letters.  It’s even came back and said “What the hell kinda word is that?”  I swear it’s actually talked to me.  OK, maybe that’s a wee bit of an exaggeration.

Back to my coffee and wondering how the cup became empty so quickly.  It must have evaporated.


13 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. Nice! … dam coffee cups … mine does the same; I’m thinking a hole in the bottom.
    And My spell check talks to Me too … but I’ve changed the auto correct now, just to shut it up 😉

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  2. A Perfectmindstorm

    So you are hearing your computer talk to you ? Maybe you are seeing the wrong kind of
    doctor 😉 Seriously, I hope this gets better for you.

    Keep sitting out there, the cardinals and blue jays will get used to you being there. Mine did.

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    1. my neurologist gave me the best explanation so far on what’s going on. he said usually with the brain there is either a hardware problem of a software problem of both. in your case, I think you have a software problem and you need to be rebooted. I guess we’re gonna find out how that happens.

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    1. I’m doing pretty well but I am a tad bit afraid that if I don’t try to do for myself then something may trigger in my brain that says “You cant do that” and then I’ll give up.

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