Good News & Bad News

That’s what the neurologist gave me today

  • The good news is there is nothing physically wrong with me.  I’m still as strong as someone my age can be.  All the blood work has been great and all of exams have been passed with flying colors.
  • The bad news is my brain is mis-firing for some psychological reason and the leading candidate is my documented PTSD.

So, we start working in that area.  It seems like such a strange explanation to me given I don’t have any medical background.  We’ll stay positive.


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41 thoughts on “Good News & Bad News”

  1. We humans seems to have the same weird error messages as computers. Sometimes we don’t work as we would, but we won’t say why and the error searching goes on and on. ” pling”

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  2. It could be something completely unrelated to your brain. As odd as it sounds, sometimes other things in our body can be sick and it triggers neurological effects. I’ve suffered from brain fog, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression for a very long time and I just this year (at age 33) was told I have an auto-immune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It’s also the reason why I’m allergic to a lot of medications and why being cold physically hurts me. I would have never thought I could be living with a thyroid disease and not know it. My test results came back year after year saying it was normal. It wasn’t until I demanded someone figure it out (because I was unable to take care of myself, let alone my two very young children) that they did an ultrasound of my thyroid and found out I had this auto-immune disease. Keep pushing. Go see every doctor you can, give them all the blood you can, and figure it out. Our bodies manifest disease and infections in lots of different and surprising ways.

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    1. thanks for the comments. It’s so incredible to me that it moved in so swiftly and every test and every exam said I was perfectly fine. fine? then why am I so tired and why do I hurt and why am I so unbalanced and why am I walking like someone who is 94?

      we’re working it is all I can tell anyone.

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      1. Work on it until you have an answer. It might take years, like it has for me (I’m still figuring out things that are wrong with me), but don’t lose hope. There is always someone out there who can figure it out.

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      1. This is true!
        Time will tell … it sounds like a dejavu for Me … This is exactly what happened to Me 7 years ago now … but I had labyrinthitis which cause BPPV which set off anxiety which pinged the ptsd into a rage. If it is ptsd for you, at least they got to that quickly instead of 4 years down the track!!

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      2. I was already diagnosed with by PTSD by the AF and it’s documented in my military medical records. I’ve already been treated for it once before but that was before I retired. it seems so odd to me how it all crashed so very hard. it was also so very scary because I had so many symptoms of a micro stroke. we’ll work thru it.

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      3. Ahh i see … they told Me it could ‘reappear’ with different symptoms, especially as you get ‘older’ (assholes lol). But yes the symptoms seem to be similar to all kinds of things, anxiety related. I’m glad its not a micro stroke though … that’d suck completely! And yes you will … just don’t run out of coffee and you’ll be fine lol xo

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      4. This is true … for Me it reappeared after the ear thing … but I was also working in a prison … which unbeknownst to Me, increased the anxiety of feeling trapped.
        It’s hard to know quite whats going to tick off what isn’t it!

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      5. I think part of what helped stir mine back up again was when my nephew was killed in “The Box” in April of last year. I just don’t understand how it all just came cascading down and left me pretty much an invalid.

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      6. Sorry for my ignorance, but whats “The Box”?

        It is a strange thing how our psyche seems to hold onto things and then present it at the most seemingly inopportune moments!

        Maybe think of it as an ‘adjustment’ rather than being an invalid? I get it feels that way .. but the Irish are strong 😉

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