Dear Brain

You won again a few more times today and made me unbrain not so good.  You almost made me stumble and fall a couple times today by not making my feet and legs move like they should.  And I gotta admit that I took the step down from the front porch fairly well but it looked a mile how when I returned.  I keep telling myself that it was an 8″ drop when I stepped down and it was the same 8″ drop this time last year but you still instill that doubt and mistrust that it could be higher.  Your days are numbered with these types of mind games.

Good News & Bad News

That’s what the neurologist gave me today

  • The good news is there is nothing physically wrong with me.  I’m still as strong as someone my age can be.  All the blood work has been great and all of exams have been passed with flying colors.
  • The bad news is my brain is mis-firing for some psychological reason and the leading candidate is my documented PTSD.

So, we start working in that area.  It seems like such a strange explanation to me given I don’t have any medical background.  We’ll stay positive.

5 For Friday

It’s that time of week once again boys and girls where I go to war with my brain for control.  Let’s see who wins this week.

1.Yesterday did not go as planned at the doctor’s.  I ended up back in the ER and I met yet another vampire who wanted even more blood from me.  I’m about as white as my Apple mouse.  I could almost swear they took it all and there’s no more blood to give.

2. I’m almost outa coffee!  OMG!  The world is gonna come to an end and it will be the end of civilization as we know it if I can’t have my coffee.  It will surely be a world full of chaos if there is no coffee.  The whole world will go mad.  (Whatcha think?  A little over the top?)

3. The one good thing outa yesterday was they move up my Neurologist visit to this afternoon instead of Monday.  Actually there were a lotta things good about yesterday but I thought that was kinda sorta on the plus plus side of the good things.

4. I asked my doctor when I’d be able to drive again.  He asked if they took my car keys.  I said yes.  He said good.  I think he’s in collusion with my brain.  Maybe he’ll OK me to run with the bulls next year.  I may as well run if I can’t drive.

5.  I had to pull in a couple of my bird feeders.  The damn black birds were trying to take over and they were bullying out the other birds.  So  brought them in so they would know that they were gone and hoping they would move on.  We’ll see what happens.

Ha!  I did it!  Stinking brain!

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