Dear Brain

Let’s try to remember that your idea of a good time on a Thursday night and mine are two different things.  My idea involves good wine, good food and good company.  Your idea?  An ER visit and losing more blood to yet another vampire just plain sucks.

Let’s try again tomorrow to get this right.

OK brain …

We’re gonna go see the doctor, see?  And I’m expecting you to be on your best behavior, see?  And there aint gonna be no arguing with me, see?  And no misbehaving either, see?

So cooperate.

Thought Processes Right Now


OK brain.  Cooperate.  Head up. Chest out. Walk normally Jim.

Jesus H Christ!!!  You walk like f**kin’ Frankenstein.  Thanks for the cooperation brain, ya bastard!

Maybe I’ll get a cute PT nurse outa this deal.  More than likely it will be the nurse that hates you.  Thanks a lot brain!

Check out Tony’s WP. Give him a follow if you’re not already. He’s good people.

This year is speeding right along. It’s June already and a whole new month is upon us. Let’s see what unfolds over the next 30 days. Have a great month everyone.

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Some of my thought processes now

OK dude, we’re gonna take a shower.  Make sure you take off your clothes.  Make sure you actually turn the water on.  Make sure you use soap and shampoo before you rinse.  And for God’s sake make sure you turn the water off before you towel off.  Let’s get this right the first time.

I know what some of you are thinking.  Ha!  I fooled you.  We won’t talk about yesterday tho.  LOL!

This has possibilities for other posts.