So lucky me spends two days in the hospital

Which is not my idea of how to spend a Memorial Day weekend if you really must know.  So yeh, I must have really over-did it Sunday morning and ended up paying for it before 10:00 AM.  But I did get to have a $3,000 ambulance ride (which I don’t remember) and I was told that they didn’t run reds and sirens either.  Now that sucks!  If my insurance and I are spending that kinda cashola then I expect the sirens at the very least.  I do kinda sort remember one of the EMT’s trying to start an IV and me cussing swearing a blue streak.  I guess he backed off of that one.  One learns the art of weaving a tapestry of swear words if you live next door to aircraft mechanics.

So at the end of the day ..

  • There were a couple CT’s scans that had negative results.  They injected this stuff in me that made me warm all over.  I guess it explains the warm green glow in the dark now.
  • An MRI that had negative results.
  • The vampires descended on me in droves and sucked most of my blood out of me.  I swear that all I have left is a pint or two and nothing more.  They had that fiendish laugh too when I came time to draw more blood.  They’re all sadists as far as I’m concerned.
  • I met some real cute single nurses (Woo hoo!).
  • I had a stress test and the ladies that did it said my results were well above average for someone my age.  WTF?  “My age“?

So lucky me is off for the rest of this week and I am referred to a Neurologist.    Someone must think I have brain damage.  Hell, Momma could told them that if she were still alive.   Good thing I have like 6 months worth of sick time on the books.


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55 thoughts on “So lucky me spends two days in the hospital”

  1. Hope you’re okay Jim. A couple of years ago I got a ride in an ambulance too. Similar drill, lots of scans, tests, (cute ambulance guys) but in the end it was undiagnosed. Possibly a panic attack that manifested as a heart attack but it was no fun. Take it easy and just rest up.

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  2. $3000 ? For a ride ? They slugged me $2000 for my ride years ago just about 2 blocks ride to the hospital. I got hit by a push bike with a trailer . Dislocated my finger. And needed stitches on the
    bridge of my nose.
    Anyhow since I worked at that hospital they ushered me in pretty much straight away. Blood everywhere . Was really upset as I ruined my favourite top more than anything until the bill came. The insurers ended up coughing up the money.

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      1. Over here you can buy ambulance subscription or just sign up for comprehensive insurance . Though a colleague told me the insurance only cover life and death situations as in emergencies. If you end up in hospital and they need to transfer you to another hospital by ambulance or air ambulance then you will have to pay that out of your own pocket thus always subscribe to the ambulance service regardless .

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  3. Getting old, sucks, my brother! I hope you get feeling better. Keep up the great spirits! (beer, wine, Jack Daniels, etc….)

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  4. Jim, why are you doing things like this?! If you want some adventure go sky-diving or something.

    Remember to have some red wine to make up for all that blood they took away from you. And take care of yourself!
    Hope you’ll be up and out again in no time chasing the bunnies and gummies in your yard.

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      1. well I’d say “Sure!” if you asked if I wanted to touch your glowing orb but that’s just me being friendly and all that. I feel fine when I’m sitting down but I’m all wonky walking around.

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      2. Ohh that sounds like my vertigo! … not cool! But it should keep you outta trouble for a few days 😉

        Men and their orbs lol.
        I see Trump has been making a menace of himself again .. maybe his orb is on the fritz? 😉

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  5. Bloody hell, 3000 dollars for an ambulance ride?? What if one can’t afford it and is in no state to tell them? Hope it all works out for you xx

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  6. I was wondering when I didn’t see you post anything… Now you need to take care of yourself buster. Can’t have something happening to you, who would I pick on ???


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