Moving Day


Momma Duck had a brood of duckies and today was moving day to take the brood a couple blocks to the pond.  I hope they made it.


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16 thoughts on “Moving Day”

  1. Cute!!
    Quick story: Where we used to live, theres a huge duckpond, with a road that goes right round it (not very clever I thought) … We headed round there one day and there was a long string of cars waiting, it looked like there had been an accident or something because it was so backed up. Anyway, we get out of the car and head up to see whats happening and there are 3 large gang members, fully patched and looking rather scary (they don’t all look scary btw but these ones did lol), that had brought the traffic to a halt … 2 were stopping the traffic flow, both ways, and one was assisting a mama duck and her brood of ducklings across the road!! It was the loveliest and funniest thing I think I’ve ever seen … and I had No camera lol!

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