It’s that time of week once again boys and girls!


Yes, it’s the once-every-two-weeks staff meeting that I have to attend because the boss said so and I really, really like getting paid and Wells Fargo likes it when I get paid because I can then make my mortgage payment.  I’m just so exciting to attend this week’s meeting that I’m doing the “Lil’-ol-fat-man-dancing-in-his-chair dance”. How do you know this?  Cuz I told you so that’s how!

I’m so excited.  I think I may even put forth the effort to attempt to look like I’m interested in anything that is being discussed.


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      1. Only $5’s and higher? Now you have me thinking about that thing where someone asked me if I knew how many of the 1 dollar bills in my wallet had been in the crack of a dancer.

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