So it’s another Thursday night

And almost like clockwork my Bridal Veils are now in bloom.  First I have my crab apple trees followed by the lilacs which are followed Bridal Veils which will be followed by the peonies which will be also followed by the Marigolds and then the roses.  I’m hoping that sooner or later my Miss Kim’s will grow and actually something but until then I’ll have to work on some new beds so I have some colour from June into late September.  Regardless it’s a nice month long burst of colour which I only wish would last a bit longer than it does.

It’s hard to believe that May has gone by so quickly.  It makes me wonder where times goes and then I ask why I’m not trying to slow it down somehow.  It doesn’t leave much time left for Spring.

It’s that time of week once again boys and girls!


Yes, it’s the once-every-two-weeks staff meeting that I have to attend because the boss said so and I really, really like getting paid and Wells Fargo likes it when I get paid because I can then make my mortgage payment.  I’m just so exciting to attend this week’s meeting that I’m doing the “Lil’-ol-fat-man-dancing-in-his-chair dance”. How do you know this?  Cuz I told you so that’s how!

I’m so excited.  I think I may even put forth the effort to attempt to look like I’m interested in anything that is being discussed.