Random Thoughts for a Wednesday Morning


I always like how the side of the Valspar Building looks when it’s lit up in the dark.  It’s OK during the day but more interesting (interesting to me at least) when it’s dark out and the lights are on it.  I’d like to get a night capture of it some time.

I received a memo this morning on a change in how we are suppose to run a particular process.  I thought it was one of the most brain dead directives that I’ve read thus far.  God, no wonder the V.A. is in such bad shape.  There are people above us that lost touch with reality and have zero concept of where the rubber meets the road.

“Dear God, Please keep your hand over my mouth today!”

Looking out my window and … Yep!  It’s still filthy dirty.

Wow!  May is almost over.  Where did the May go to?  We need to slow down the clock.  The days are going by too fast.  The next thing ya know and we’ll be looking at a new college football season starting and Australia will be looking at a new Spring.  And that means … brrrrrrrr!  I don’t even wanna think about that right now.

I guess it’s time to get another cup of coffee and get some work down – or – at act like I’m working in the very least.  Feel free to comment and/or tell me what chores you wanna volunteer to help me with this coming weekend.


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24 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for a Wednesday Morning”

  1. I can’t wait til Spring when the cherry blossoms come out . Not . That’s when I get bad hay fever . For the moment there I thought it was going to be gay fever. Wouldn’t mind it at all then. Hay fever is the pits. At least it will be warmer .

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    1. oh our Customs people would probably frown on you bringing cake and coffee into the country but that’s no problem since I know a proper baker and I always have good coffee on hand.

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    1. sweeping. hell, I have a power washer that will fit your hands nicely. and there is always food at my house. everyone eats. no one goes hungry at my place.

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