Tuesday Night


OK, so the last of my main crops have been planted and I’m on to figuring out what I’m going to add if time allows.  I have some spare garden space and I’m thinking that I could probably add something yet.  What I don’t know yet is what it is exactly that I want to add so I’ll have take a look at what I can do and take it from there.  Everything else is looking pretty good so far.

I’ve got one big yard chore that I am not looking forward to.  Oh well.  I suppose it’s all good exercise.


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23 thoughts on “Tuesday Night”

  1. You can do the weird ass thing “HE” and I did way back when we actually had a vegetable garden, grow 4 (only) stalks of corn. We got four to six edible ears to BBQ and had a blast watching them grow. ~~dru~~

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      1. you can come help. I have power tools and a chain saw. just think of the mayhem that you could cause with those kind of implements of destruction in your hands. gives ya a kind of a tingly feeling all over your body, huh????

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      2. I think it would be more fun to put the chain saw in your hands and then remove the effects of your mayhem. besides I think it would be a great photo op.

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      3. just think of all of the pent up frustrations that you could get rid of …


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      1. they do a number on young plants. I had a bunny that was feasting away on my young green bean plants a couple years ago. it must have thought that I planted them just so it could have breakfast on me.

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