Does this mean that I won’t get lost in London now?

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 1.25.51 PM

I think these little Fitbit badges are kinda sorta cool when you receive them.  I do have to admit that it’s keeping me motivated to get and stay active, watch what I eat now and drink plenty of water.  My doc was happy when he saw me this morning.

  • Down 12 pounds since the last visit.
  • Glucose is down to normal ranges.
  • Cholesterol is getting under control.
  • More importantly, my blood pressure is back to normal.

I still have a long way to go tho but I’m pretty content with what I’ve done so far.

Woo hoo!  Do I celebrate and dare to indulge in a little chocolate???

Looking out my front window


Something yellow and warm is in the sky this morning.  I think they call it “the sun” but I’m not sure.  It’s been so wet and cool lately and I’ve forgotten what it looks like.  But it does feel really good on you when you stand there soaking it all in.

Maybe I’ll actually have to mow the grass now that I have the garden tractor all sorted.