Saturday Afternoon


The problem with my garden tractor is all sorted and taken care of.  The big box store had a tech come out and we took care of business between the two of us.  I think they do a pretty good job of taking customer service seriously at this place and I’m just happy that it was resolved.

It’s close to Memorial Day now and the local VFW is out asking for donations for poppies.  I always kick in some money and keep the poppies somewhere.  I have two in Petey and they’ve been there for over 4 years now.  I’ve got others scattered about the house and I picked up two today.   I added them to my mesh bins in the kitchen.  I’m sure you’d find them still there a couple years from now.

It will still be a tad cool tomorrow and I have a beef roast to go in the oven on a slow roast.  I can hopefully get out into my garden tomorrow and up to the nursery on Monday for some plants.  It’s time to plant some peppers.