Sooooooo …

A 20 minute oil change on my garden tractor turned in to 4 hours of effort and phone calls.  The end result was:

  • The factory installed oil filter is fused to the engine.
  • We only succeeded in tearing the oil filter casing into multiple pieces.
  • One new oil filter wrench is ruined.
  • I have a nice oil spill on the garage floor to finish cleaning up.
  • The big box store and a manufacturer’s authorized servicer is engaged to get this fixed.
  • There aint gonna be no grass mowing until this is sorted.

Normally I’d be a bit PO’d but I did find a lot of humor in “It isn’t supposed to do that.  The engine manufacturer messed up and the manufacturer is liable for the repairs.”

OK, “it did do that” and I do have some comfort in knowing that there was nothing that I did wrong and someone else is gonna pay instead of some poor ol’ country boy from Iowa.


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24 thoughts on “Sooooooo …”

  1. Always nice to know you aren’t the one that messed up but still not a real consolation prize. Never heard of any oil filter fusing to any engine but evidently it happens. Just remember FISH (f**c* it, shit happens) ~~dru~~

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      1. the bottom-line is we got it off. we suspect that they put the filter on “dry” meaning they didn’t put any oil on the rubber seal ring. it got hot and the rubber melted a bit and “fused” or “stuck” to the mount. it was just being stubborn to get off and there were things in the way. they got moved out of the way and you could get better leverage and physics took over at that point and the seal broke. it’s all sorted and good now.

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      2. Sorted and good is far better than still messed up and waiting. Now did you mow the yard? ……me
        ps, it is over 100 degrees this afternoon and I can’t imagine physical labor…then again, I NEVER really indulge.

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