Five for Friday

OK, so it’s that time of week once again and I’m behind … again.  Let’s get ‘er done!

1. I got to see the vampires this morning who drained most of my blood.  I swear to God they took gallons of blood from me.  And they let loose on of those wicked and evil Halloween laughs while doing it.  I barely made it out of the clinic alive.  I would have became one of the walking dead if I had stayed there any longer.  I was almost there anywho due to a lack of no coffee before the blood draining.

2. I got on the scale this morning and was greeted by a number that I haven’t seen in a long time.  I would like to attribute this success to watching my diet, food intake, exercising and drinking a lake of water every day.  I think it’s more from the meds that I’m taking to kill this cold.  It’s put me off feed and kinda sorta curbed my appetite.  Im not holding out hope that they ol’ waist line won’t go back up once I’m off the meds.

3. Someone told me yesterday that if I criticized the POTUS one more time that they would quit listening to me.  So I said “And he’s an idiot too!  Who the hell is handling him besides the Burger King??  And his hair!  OMG!  I’ve seen better haircuts on dogs!”  I’m hoping they’ll keep their promise and leave me alone now.

4.  I love pay days!  I hate paying bills tho.  I watch my money disappear into a black hole never to be seen again.

5.  It’s gonna be a cool weekend.  I think I’ll do some baking.

OK, so that’s it for this week.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a enthusiastic “Hallå” when passing by.

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    • I think they’re using me for some sorta secret experiment or maybe they just want my sexy Irish American boy blood. but I had a fresh pot of coffee waiting for me when I got home. coffee makers with timers are a gift from the Gods.

      and we already know. I’ll probably be put on some damn list and forced to leave the country.

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      • Haha … but where to go … back to Ireland?? 😉 You could say your Italian, and get a free trip to there 😉 !!
        The Gods are avid coffee drinkers… or so I’ve heard 🙂

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      • It’s not a weakness … it’s fine taste in food!
        I made gelato from scratch, for the first time, a little while ago … O M G … there is nothing better in this world! Except maybe, pizza, coffee, M&Ms … Ok these are on an even par with gelato! I’m pretty sure I was Italian in previous life!
        I actually went through most of my childhood believing we were Italian because that was what my Grandfather loved to cook. Turns out, it was his only good memory of his time in Italy during WW2.

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      • Yes we would! Your RS ay ?… (sorry not sure what they call them there … Returned Serviceman?).
        Strangely enough, Grandad didn’t talk about it, at all. In this day and age he woulda been diagnosed with ptsd is my guess. He ran the house like an army base … like clockwork lol. But the only things I remember him talking about re the war (besides Italys food) was making a joke about a scar on his arm which he told us was a tetanus injection (it was shrapnel!) … and that he was lucky him and all his brothers came back.
        Wasn’t till he was 70 odd he started talking a bit about it … on ANZAC days mainly … reckoned war was a waste of time, and lives .. .and that nothing would ever change as long as they kept making munitions … he was being interviewed when he dropped that beauty … and I think it killed the interviewers buzz completely!
        He was such a good man though … My Grandfather and Father all rolled into one … with the best taste in food 😉

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      • we would just refer to them as veterans. a good number of people that I work with are veterans like I am and we had one that had a severe case of PTSD. we had some interesting discussions and experiences.

        sometimes a veteran just needs another veteran to talk to. friends, family and relatives don’t always understand but it’s kind of like a secret club with its own code.

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      • Yeah, Grandad always seemed more willing to talk with his ‘comrades’ as he called them … which was cool … its an experience that nothing else can compare to I guess … and I believe he didn’t want to burden Us with it.
        We (as a country) don’t treat our Veterans very well. In saying that though, there has definitely been a resurgence in remembering ANZAC day here, but I think that has more to do with there hardly being any WW2 Veterans left now.

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      • I hope so … A lot of our RSAs have recently shut too which I think is a shame. But we still visit Grandads one sometimes .. his name is on the wall 🙂
        People tend to forget we could all be speaking German if it wasn’t for guys like my Grandad! Not to mention, if that had all played out … the likes of Me … a non-blue eyed blonde descendant of a Jew … would’ve been history!
        Our veterans deserve so much more ❤

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      • well, I think it could have been more like speaking Japanese for Kiwis. I always buy a bunch of American flags that I can put at a headstone whenever I go down home. I always put them on Grandpa’s headstone as well as his brother’s headstones, his cousin’s, Grandma’s brothers and my uncles as well. it’s been a while since I;ve been there ever since Momma moved and then died. I need to find a long weekend to get down there.

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    • I’m waiting for someone to accuse me of being a Democrat or a liberal. And I almost died this morning. it was terrible. and it wouldn’t surprise me if they had used a rusty needle on me.