I took a pic of me getting undress for bed last night …


Then I realized that I left the lens cap on.  Oh well.  That’s one lost photo op.


69 thoughts on “I took a pic of me getting undress for bed last night …

      1. maybe “Antonio”. yes, that would be a good combination that will raise a young girl’s interests. OK, just as long as she opened her wallet what would I care?

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      1. I dunno about Kiwi Land but here in the land of snow and ice a hiney tattoo is serious business. it’s kinda sorta along the same lines as not complimenting a woman’s boobs or her butt. that too could be an unforgivable sin as well. one must always show that they are well bred and very well mannered. 🙂

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      2. Theres no kink in them really … depending on what you like … Over here gumboots or ‘wellies’ seem to be as much kink, if not more so, than heels. Not sure what that says about Us really LOL

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      3. just a new level of kink. just think about it. it could be a whole new genre in porn. you could market it and make a hunderty billionty New Zealand dollars. you could be famous on a new level.

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      4. Oh, I’m sure it would fire up your lustful thoughts and make you wanna “breed” more (for the lack of a more polite and colorful way of expressing it) “AND” … yes there is an “AND” … no one would bother with it seeings how feminism is universally accepted and they have this thing called “Ladies Only Night”. so I’m quite certain your reputation would still be intact … unless you wanna add something to the Men’s room wall with something along the lines of “Hey you wankers! Wanna good time??? Call …”

        but that’s just a thought I had and I’m obviously without the benefit of any adult type supervision right now.

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      5. Hahahaha ….
        Slightly off topic … but not … your last bit, ‘Hey wankers …’ … reminded of a little story lol … an old dj friend (male) of mine, used to work in an all female strip club, back in the day. I was up there one night, waiting for him to finish work, and he hands me the mic as he’s changing the song for the next act … and says to Me … ‘introduce the next dancer please … and then say something … just to fill in the break …. ‘ … Oh ok then: how hard can that be right 🙂
        Me: “Next up, put your together for *Candy*”.
        Everything was quiet … and I was feeling kinda annoyed, cos as I looked out into the crowd, all these suits were just sipping and oggling, hard lol!
        So …
        Me: “I said put your hands together for *Candy* … that would require you to take your wanky hands out of your pockets, pick up your jaws and string a thought together to show some appreciation for the time and effort these girls put into the performance that they give you, so they can get paid … feed their children … put themselves through university ….”
        And thats about where my mate switched the mic off LOL.
        I wasn’t asked back … but the girls whooped and hollered and even thanked Me 🙂

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      6. LMAO. we had a tradition when I was in the AF to “send off” our guys whenever one deployed to the box. we figured that they were going someplace where guys outnumber gals 25 to 1 so it would be a while before they saw any boobies anywho so we took them out for a night of strippers. I was the designated Dad so I said I’d do all the driving if they paid my cover (which they always agreed to). I rapidly found out all the guys watching the doors at the clubs were guys that I went to school with so they’d charge the drunks and let me in for free. Then I found out that I knew all of the bartenders since most were former GI’s or retired GI’s that I had worked with. They’d introduce me to all of the “girls” cuz I was the only sober patron in the club anywho. we went to one club that had a main stage and a smaller stage. the girls would work the main stage and then go to the smaller stage and then take a break. mind you this is totally nude club. so we go in (I got in free again) I go to the smaller stage and watched the drunks that I was with run off to the big stage. I sat down and was ordering a Coke when a leg with a high heel on go over one shoulder followed by another leg and high heel over the other shoulder and suddenly they pulled me forward. so I was suddenly face to face with one of god’s greatest creations when I looked up, smiled and said “Oh HI! I didn’t know it was you. How did you do on that last test?” the stripper and I were in the same university course. so she started talking to me versus actually dancing and the three cowboys that were there were getting really pissed off at me. so I said “Yanno, we can talk after your set.” she said “No, I wanna talk now.” so I said “And what about these guys? they wanna see your show.” she said “they’ll get over it.” so I apologized to the guys and said “Here, let me buy you a beer to make up for this.” they were pretty cool, took the beers nd wished me good luck. so there she was in all her nekkid glory sitting in Lotus position taking class exam with me and I’m like “Steph (Not her real name), yanno, it’s really hard for me to talk about test questions when you’re bare ass in front of me and OH MY GOD do you have magnificent breasts.” She just smiled and said she had to leave for break. I saw her before class four days later when she was on the way into class. she just smiled and said “Hi”. I told the guy I was talking to “I’ve seen her nekkid.” He looked at me and said “How do you old guys do it???” I was like “Dude! I’m only 39!!!”

        talk about an ego deflater.

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      1. that’ what I hear about you Aussie girls. real tough kinda ladies cuz you get used to wrestling with crocodiles and Great White Sharks and Roos and vicious Koala Bears. yeh, I hear you would tie a know in someone’s tail just cuz you could.

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      2. I heard you ladies only do that while on holiday an only when wearing a skirt and heels. Yanno, we do have to remember that you’re a rather proper lady and sometimes you Aussie chicks have to show us guys a few things to keep us in line and motivate us to be well behaved.

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