Sometimes I make almost pretty good decisions …

… except for tonight when I decided I wanted to try some pancakes for supper.  Mind you I’ve been on some decongestion meds which put me off feed and not wanting to eat.  So now that I really haven’t eaten anything for the past couple days I go and have pancakes.

Which are sitting like a piece of lead in me tummy.

Gawd, I’m stupid.  My Momma raised a stupid child.  Someone just kill me now.  I’d blame Jason but he’d only turn around and blame Gary.

5 Things for Wednesday Morning


1. My office window sure is dirty.  There is absolutely no intention of cleaning it.  I think they’re trying to tell us to get out but I could be wrong.

2. It’s weather fit for ducks and Wellies.  I don’t have any ducks and I definitely don’t have any Wellies.  I think my feet are gonna get wet when I go out for a walk.  Who knows.  Maybe it will clear up a tad.

3.  It was “Boom, boom, out goes the lights” last night when I went to bed.  I was one tired ass cat after having two nights of kaa-kaa sleep.

4. I’m waiting for that moment when my ears pop and aren’t plugged up any more.  It will feel so nice that it’s almost sexual.

5. I’m still saying June for impeachment.  Yanno, this is getting to be quite the show and I may need to buttered popcorn while I watch.