Looking out my window right now


What you can’t see is the rain that just passed thru and another front is moving in.  The air would normally feel and smell fresh and clean BUT …

I somehow managed to contract a Spring cold.  Oh lucky me!  I go all winter without something like this and then “WHAM!“.  I just loved plugged ears and sinuses in the Springtime.  What a great way to enjoy the great outdoors during a new Spring.  Not!

No worries.  This too shall pass.


50 thoughts on “Looking out my window right now

  1. A Perfectmindstorm

    It’s probably just pollen messing with your sinuses and not a cold.

    Things could be worse, Mini Me just told me there is a chance of snow on Wednesday. Maybe she will push it east to Minnersnowta and share it with you 😉 . By the way she asked about you this morning. I told her 😀

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