Monday Evening


I’ve been thinking a lot lately when I’m out walking around.  I do that and try to keep from getting ran over by Soccer Moms and Soccer Dads in their Soccer vans and Soccer crossovers.  It’s not easy to do both at the same time and especially not easy to do considering a lot of those Soccer parents are on their damn mobile phone versus actually driving … like they’re supposed to be doing.

Mostly what I’ve been thinking about is feeling like I’m stagnating right now.  I need to get down the road even if it’s only 20 miles down the track.


Looking out the window once again


And it was raining once again as I closed down my notebook for the day.  The business day is over.  It was raining.  The breeze was a bit cool.  So I did the only thing one could do.

I grabbed my umbrella and went for a walk in the rain.

Looking out my window right now


What you can’t see is the rain that just passed thru and another front is moving in.  The air would normally feel and smell fresh and clean BUT …

I somehow managed to contract a Spring cold.  Oh lucky me!  I go all winter without something like this and then “WHAM!“.  I just loved plugged ears and sinuses in the Springtime.  What a great way to enjoy the great outdoors during a new Spring.  Not!

No worries.  This too shall pass.