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Today I saw this two lovely birds searching for something to eat. They seemed to find a lot to eat. They were around all day. Anna

via Strandskata Oyster catcher — Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna


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I think this is the part where you are to write something clever and witty about yourself. I’m solidly locked in middle age and content with myself. I love to travel to see and experience new things, new foods and new drink. I also like to cook and bake mainly because I like to eat. And I found out that I’m pretty good at both. I'm not a professional blogger nor do I want to be. I'll leave that to others while I'll kick back and post whatever suddenly pops into my brain. I'm more spontaneous anyway. And the rest we’ll just kinda sorta figure out as we go along. Feel free to leave comments or even just to say "Hello". Find me at:

17 thoughts on “Make sure you visit Miss Anna’s WP”

      1. Thank you very much! My ipad is slow again, so sorry for not being around your blog corner that much lately. The comments take ages to upload or the app crashes when I try to get there. I hope to be back soon. “Pling”

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      2. your iPd is like mine and it’s stuck on IOS 9.3.5 or something like that and it won’t update and it’s now incredibly slow and my apps crash now too. built-in obsolescence is what I think it is called.

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      3. I just discovered that. I erased the app and downloaded it again. Then I got the message that the latest app version was for iOS10 but I could get an older version of the app, so I downloaded that instead. I haven’t tried it so much yet, but it seems to work better than before. “Pling”

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      4. Isn’t that guy dead? Or is he reborn as iJesus maybe, hehe. Yea, he forgot to invent money for us to buy all stuff that he invented. “Pling”

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