Wieskirche, Bavaria

You don’t have to believe in any religion if that’s your style but one thing you may have to concede is some churches are absolutely stunning when you see them firsthand.

Check out this link if you want some more info on this church:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wieskirche


Author: Jim

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22 thoughts on “Wieskirche, Bavaria”

      1. The ones here aren’t this grand at all … they’re kind of vintage looking … nice woodwork etc … but they have that spooky musty smell and aura to them.

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      2. same here but the states and NZ are relatively young as compared to Europe. some of those churches are 300 – 400 – 500 years old and some of the cathedrals are even older.

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  1. I have always attended church regularly, even though I am a secular humanist. Our church is very small but has an original sanctuary which has beautiful Tiffany stained glass windows and Timeless architecture. The “new” Sunday school and administration wing; built around 1920, has a Frank Lloyd Wright feel about it. All together it is a solid and inspiring place providing Faith, Hope and Charity to all. The message of sacrifice, community and service is very strong here.
    Great post, Jim. I would also like to add that when I was a kid sometimes I attended church with my Nazarene Granny Me-Maw and it scared the devil out of me. 👍👍

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      1. I’ve got some photos but I’m not sure how to incorporate them so I may put them as a PostScript. 👍👍

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