5 Reasons I Hate Diet & Exercise

Let’s give this a go:

1. One word “doughnuts”.  Yeh.  You’re not suppose to have them.  Oh they’ll say that you can have them in “moderation“.  WTH is moderation?  “Moderation” to me is one for each hand.

2. Two words “ice cream”.  Oh yeh!  I love it and especially the good stuff.  and let’s not forget the caramel sauce, strawberry topping and hot fudge to top it off.  Oh yeh, whip cream too.  You can have that no more either.  They say “You can have it in moderation.”  There’s that damn “moderation” word again.

3.  I hate when I now look in the mirror now and think “Ewww!” whereas before I used to think “What a hunka hunka burning love.”  Why do I suspect Jason put Gary up to getting my mirror to lie to me now???

4.  My scale still lies to me as well.  I’ve been putting in 15,000 to 20,000 steps daily, watching what I eat and drinking that 64 ounces of water every day.  I’m still stuck on that one number that keeps popping up on my scale.  I think the SOB is broke … or it will be if I keep seeing that number for much longer.  Oh yeh.  As for that water, my skin may be clearer but damn I gotta go to the bathroom a lot.

5. I had some delirious delusion that I could compete on “Survivor” and really kick ass once I got back in better shape.  Yeh, I’d compete on “Survivor“.  It would be “Survivor Ritz Cracker“.  Don’t get in the way of a food challenge right now.  I’d bite your hands, legs, butts, whatever if you got in the way of me and a pizza.  I can hear ya now.  “Oh Jim.  You can have pizza but have it in moderation.”  There’s that damn “moderation” word again.

5 for Friday

This is way late as compared to when I usually post this. But I am making up from yesterday and focusing my attention to getting my workload out of the way.  There are a couple hiccups but we’ll get thru them; just like this.

1. There are a lot of people that I work with are on edge right now.  I attribute it to what’s going on in DC and all of the Executive Orders and a lack of positive leadership.  In other words, people are frustrated and are starting to vent.  I think I need to Teflon coat myself for a while.  I wonder just what else that knucklehead will say next.

2.  I hated having to come in this morning but my laptop was here and having to come in was unavoidable.  At least I can work from home on Monday.

3.  I’ve noticed that I’m looking at myself differently whenever I look in a mirror.  I’m thinking more and more that “Man, you need to get rid of that weight.”  I’m not sure that it’s healthy to have an attitude like this but it does motivate me to do better than what I have been doing.

4.  It’s a beautiful Spring day out there today.  The weather forecast looks good for the next week too.  I will hopefully have a bunch of new plants sprouting soon.  I know my pumpkin plants that I started are looking really good in their bed.  This will be a good weekend to do some yard work.

5.  Man did I get red from working outside yesterday.  Yes, I wore a hat and I wore sunglasses.  I’ll have to get some sunscreen since I’ve noticed that I have none in my place.

Okey dokey.  There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “Bonjour!!!” when you pass thru.