I’ve had the dumb all morning


It’s been one of those morning where I’m sitting here thinking to myself “Hell, I dunno what to put down in a post this morning.”  I think it’s the same thing that T-man was experiencing the other day.  So I was hoping that some sort of inspiration would strike me like a bolt of lightning or even be a pigeon dropping on my head of life but none of that kinda sorta thing happened.  I sat uninspired for most of the morning.  So I had to resort to getting some actual work done so I was conveniently located at work any who.

I hate it when I get the dumb or I get brain freeze and can’t think of anything to write down.  I really hate brain freeze because I should get brain freeze from eating ice cream too fast in lieu of not thinking of anything.  So maybe what I actually had was vapor lock of the brain instead of brain freeze because there was in fact no ice cream actually involved.  Regardless of whatever you want to call it, I couldn’t think of a friggen thing other than I’m getting my daily 10,000 steps done early.

I really, really hate not having anything to write about.