Yanno, I dunno when I wanna fly next.


You have drunks on the plane getting into it.  You got women getting into it with one another.  You have passengers getting dragged off of planes.  And now you have passengers fighting in the terminals. Yanno, flying is getting kinda dangerous.

Then again, it would make the next flight to Amsterdam extremely interesting.

Wait, wait, wait.


Think brain think and don’t have the dumb.

Think, think, think, think, think, think, think.

Hey!!!!!  Amsterdam!  420!

Yep.  That will be one mellow flight.


32 thoughts on “Yanno, I dunno when I wanna fly next.

      1. When we travelled back to Switzerland one time we were on a Lufthansa flight from Singapore to Munich. They were super helpful in regards to the kids and everything. It was the one flight I felt almost as rested as the kids when we arrived. Not that you ever can properly rest.

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