I sat here and watched my neighbor’s tree get taken down.  It’s the middle fir tree just so you know.


So I sat and watched as they cleared away all of the lower limbs one by one.


And then they topped the tree leaving only the trunk of the tree..


That just left the main trunk of the tree.


Then they took off another part of the tree trunk.


And pretty soon it was all down.  I was pretty surprised that it went that fast.


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      1. Just, random people trying to hook up? They put nice looking pictures… until you meet them. This is as far as I know, I’ve been taking for a few years now lol

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  1. It makes for a much better picture without that tree there 🙂 Looking pretty up in your part of the world 🙂

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    1. I’ll get the fir on the left sometime over the next year and replace it with a poplar tree. much nicer and fuller and no needles or pine cones


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