I sat here and watched my neighbor’s tree get taken down.  It’s the middle fir tree just so you know.


So I sat and watched as they cleared away all of the lower limbs one by one.


And then they topped the tree leaving only the trunk of the tree..


That just left the main trunk of the tree.


Then they took off another part of the tree trunk.


And pretty soon it was all down.  I was pretty surprised that it went that fast.

Random Thoughts for Monday Morning


This is the one thing that I really hate about this time of year.  My crab apples blossom, they smell wonderful and then a week or so and then the blossoms fall off a week or so after they open.  It kinda sorta looks like that icky bad white stuff that I was experiencing not so very long ago other than the temps a re a lot warmer.

I’m all caught up with my work before 9:00 AM.  Sweet!

I love being pulled into workplace drama even while I work from home twice a week.  I must have lived wrong at one point in my life.

Back to chores after work.  It’s off to my store of dreams to pick up some materials to finish off my new raised garden bed and some weed killer to eradicate the dreaded dandelion from my yard.  But first I have two more sides of my foundation to reseal so that’s out of the way.  Rain is forecasted for tomorrow so I can’t put the weed and feed down until after that’s done and out of the way.

The question of the day is “Is all this walking and watching what I eat paying off with weight loss?”  I’m not sure.  There’s a weight number that that keeps popping up and seems like it’s a hard hump to get over right now.  It gets frustrating.  Oh well.  We’ll keep at it.  I’ll be a great shape for walking around on my next trip to Europe … whenever I can afford and get to that.

OK.  Let’s act we’re working this morning.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “HI!” when you pass thru.