Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again where my brain wages war against me in a never ending battle for control.  Let’s so how it goes this week.

1. Here it is only the first Friday in a new May and I’ve already lost on of my Impatiens.  I think a frost got to it or maybe even the cold night air that we were having last week.  It’s funny because the other is doing just fine.  So I guess I have to shell out for a new one and may as well get a second for the other hanger.

2. I hit a snag with my rose bed clean up chore.  It looks like it will slow me down a day or two before I can finish it off.  That’s fine because I really, really am unmotivated to start on the berm redo.  Oh yeh.  And I’m having problems with the rolling mechanism to my awning.  The chore list never actually decreases.  It’s always something.

3.  Is it possible that instead of getting rid of my fat and all that I’m actually doing is firming it up?  I’ve notice a difference in my waistline but not so much on the scale.  It kinda reminds me of a scene out of “The Simpson’s“.  I gotta get over the hump on this one.

4.  Would it be rude to have a tea party and not invite Jason and/or Gary?  I don’t recall that Linda or I got an invite to theirs.

5.  Two of my 5 pumpkin seeds germinated and are growing.  The others?  They feed the bed as compost I guess.  I try starting a couple more.  It’s early and I have time.  I’m still waiting to see if the fingerling potatoes that I planted will grow.  It would be fascinating to see it happen.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a hearty “Hola!” when passing thru.

16 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. I think it is totally cool to just hold your own tea party and invite the people that drop in and want to stay. No Invites, No Rules, just people who keep in touch. LIKE ME hint, hint, hint. I’m sorry for you Impatiens. ~~dru~~

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    • doing a tea party may take a bit of work. I have to approve all comments since that’s how my settings are set. it’s something to think about tho.

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      • Weeeellll, siting in front of the ‘puter for hours reading all comments might be fun????? but I seriously suggest you ignore my ideas….everyone else does. hee hee hee
        You gotz tonz to do with the new planting, entertaining and etc. Happy smores or whatever they are called. xxx

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    • well, I’m working on it. things feel looser but I’m also sucking down that 64 oz of water every day too. I feel like a camel.

      green thumb? I know I have dirty fingers for sure.

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